January 17, 2023
Todd Richter
It's been over 40 years now since Todd Richter graduated from college and received his undergraduate degree from the College of William & Mary. During those four decades-plus, Todd has worked hard to be counted among the best financial securities analysts in the business. With the money he has earned since he graduated, Todd Richter has managed to both show his appreciation to those who provided him with the education he needed to be so successful, because he has set up several endowments to keep them thriving. Todd values his time at William & Mary, for example, especially his time performing on the school's golf team, so he provided their golf team with an endowment of more than $5 million, which should keep them fully funded for perpetuity.

In addition to providing the College of William & Mary with enough money to keep them able to pay for coaches and equipment forever, Todd Richter has also provided Indiana University's Kelley School of Business (where he earned his MBA) with a substantial endowment, which will keep them solvent for many years, and maybe forever, as well. He credits both schools for teaching him what he needed to know to become the top-notch financial analyst he has been for many years.

In addition to providing his clients with greater wealth and a healthier retirement, Todd Richter also has priorities in the area of charitable giving. As one example, he visits the College of William & Mary campus nearly every year , where he meets current students and engages themin the classroom and on the golf course, as a way to raise funds t keep the school solvent. Many students alsovisit him in New York, where he sees to it they learn a lot about what to expect from a career in banking and finance. Todd has a fervent wish that his commitment to the financial and banking sectors will rub off on them, and keep his chosen profession flush with experts for however long as it can. He wants everyone who is so inclined to are able to get a world-class education and use it to make everyone better off.
December 20, 2022
Todd Richter
Although it has been decades since Todd Richter attended his undergraduate and graduate schools of study, leadership at both higher learning institutions have nothing but positive praise for the financial businessman.

Richter is a 1979 graduate of the College of William & Mary in Virginia, where he played on the golf team. He’s also a 1981 graduate of the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University from which he earned his MBA in finance. Individuals from both of these prestigious schools shared commentary about Richter’s impact on past, current and future students as well as his generosity providing each college with a $5 million estate commitment.

Said Dean Daniel C. Smith from the Kelley School, “Todd Richter, through his extraordinary generosity and passionate support, actively lives out all the values that the Kelley School holds dear.” And the school’s executive director of development, Rick Dupree, agreed, calling Richter a “dedicated alumnus,” “Todd is one of the Kelley School’s most strategic and thoughtful donors.”

William & Mary Director of Athletics Terry Driscoll echoed these sentiments, “This gift is an extraordinary commitment from a former student-athlete who fully appreciates the life-influencing experience that participation in intercollegiate athletics at the College of William & Mary can provide for our student-athletes.”
November 18, 2022
Todd Richter
From his undergrad to graduate school, Todd Richter is a very proud alum who stays close to the schools that shaped his adulthood.

Richter attended the College of William & Mary for his undergraduate studies, graduating in 1979 with a degree in finance. Since that time, he’s remained connected to the Virginia school, especially its golf program which Richter attributes for much of his achievements. “I attribute a lot of my business career success to the discipline I developed as a student at William & Mary,” he said, giving direct praise to his golf instructor, Coach Joe Agee. Richter continues to engage with students in the classroom and on the golf course, both in Virginia and in New York where he resides. He enjoys providing them with the confidence, encouragement and knowledge that he received in order to make them as successful in their studies and into the future.

Todd Richter also remains a fervent supporter of his graduate school. In 1981, he graduated from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University with his MBA in finance. Since then, Richter has had a significantly successful career -- a career that has led him to recently create a $5 million estate commitment to the Todd B. Richter Fund, which benefits five endowments specific to the Kelley School’s financial department. Richter’s fund is just the latest support following many years of service to recruitment and membership upon organizations that include the Kelley Alumni Association’s Metropolitan New York chapter and the Kelley School Dean’s Council.
October 16, 2022
Todd Richter
Following a very successful career spanning three decades, Todd Richter wants to share his financial gains with others. Richter is currently the managing director for Bank of America’s global healthcare investment group. This job began in 1999 after 18 years of dedication working with Morgan Stanley.

Now that he has worked for more than 30 years and become one of the leading analysts in the healthcare industry, Richter has chosen to give back to the educational institutions that built him into the businessperson that he is today. Those academic places are the College of William & Mary, where he earned his undergraduate degree in 1979, and the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, from which he earned an Masters in Business Administration in 1981. To each, Richter donated $5 million, for a total of $10 million. This created an endowment at each school for other students and faculty to benefit from in their endeavors. This sizable contribution -- a lasting legacy beyond his constant donations of time, leadership and mentorship -- to each university will allow for others to grow in their successes just as Todd Richter did in the previous 30 years.
September 18, 2022

Colleges across the nation beckon prospective athletes to attend their schools, and often, it’s the college who gains a lot through its sports programs. But student-athletes can also gain just as much if not more. Todd Richter is proof of that. As a student at the College of William & Mary in Virginia, his presence on the golf team went way beyond long drives and excellent putts. It taught him lessons on the golf course that he’d apply to his life and his 40-year career in finance.

Richter is a 1979 graduate of William & Mary. During his years at the school, he was part of the golf team under the tutelage of legendary coach Joe Agee, an emeritus professor of kinesiology as well as a former Marine colonel. And while Agee taught Richter the necessities for a good golf game, he also imparted much more. Said Richter recently, “I attribute a lot of my business career success to the discipline I developed as a student and as a golfer at William & Mary. Joe had -- and still has -- an enormous influence on my life, as does golf in general.”

Todd Richter said that he learned discipline from Agee, which is necessary in any successful career. He also realized the importance of a competitive edge -- a tool that is essential in business. Added Richter, who recently provided a $5 million estate commitment to the school’s golf program for men and women, “All students go to the College to get a world-class education; we’re all there because it’s a world-class academic institution. Those who are fortunate enough to participate in an athletic program learn very quickly that it is a very special place to be a student-athlete.”